Kim Kardashian Wants to Wrap up Divorce Proceedings

Kim and Kanye

Kim Kardashian took to the airwaves to comment on her continued divorce proceedings. During an appearance on Sway in the Morning radio show with her sister Kourtney, Kim expressed her desire for her marriage to Kris Humphries to be officially and legally over. This is, in large part, because the reality star is currently pregnant with her boyfriend, Kanye West’s child. However, when asked how she feels about expecting while married to another man, Kim reveals only happiness. She has triumphed over fertility problems, and while the timing may not be perfect, is grateful to have found love and to be bringing a baby into the world.

Kim spoke honestly about her marriage, saying she truly loved Kris. However, when she realized they were not meant to stay together forever, she felt that ending the marriage was the only right thing to do. While Kim knew she would face criticism for ending her marriage after such a short period, she felt that continuing on in a matrimony she saw as doomed was the bigger offense. Kim hopes to put the matter legally to rest, so she can move forward with her new life, legally, as a single woman.

Source courtesy of People. Image courtesy of Jezebel.