Kris Humphries’ Kanye West Subpoena Attempt for Court Battle with Kim Kardashian

The divorce/annulment proceedings between NBA star Kris Humphries and reality-show maven Kim Kardashian are becoming increasingly bitter as August 20, what would have been their first anniversary, looms.

The marriage lasted only 72 days, yet the battle to dissolve the union is dragging on.  Humphries’ latest move was to attempt to subpoena Kardashian’s current flame Kanye West by having the papers dropped off at Kardashian’s home by a processor in a box from retail giant Nordstrom’s.

Kardashian answered the door on behalf of West, but did not accept the package.  Kardashian is reputedly upset that the annulment proceedings are taking a long time and further fueling her frustration is her $250,000 legal bill that she has already incurred, with no end in sight, as Humphries legal team files multiple requests and subpoenas.

Humphries’ frustration is from his firm belief that Kardashian defrauded him; he believes the reality star married him for publicity reasons and to increase ratings for her reality TV program.  Kardashians lawyer Laura Wasser has stated to the public that there is no factual basis or evidence to prove Humphries’ claims.

Some in the legal field claim the reason the dissolution of the marriage is taking a rather long time is that both parties have asked for annulment, which requires different procedures than a divorce.  A civil annulment treats the marriage as though it never took place, as opposed to a divorce.  While grounds for annulment vary from state to state, annulment usually requires misrepresentation or fraud, concealment, refusal to consummate the marriage, or misunderstanding.  Most annulments usually occur after marriages of short duration.