L.A. Lawsuit Claims as Unconstitutional Special Law for NFL Stadium Construction

NFL stadium

An NFL stadium

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project that’s being planned for the downtown area of Los Angeles is encountering a massive hiccup in the form of a lawsuit being filed by community advocates and environmental activists, who say that the special law enacted recently by the state of California to assist in the construction of the stadium is actually unconstitutional.

The first major legal challenge to the Gensler-designed project, opponents of the stadium claim that bill SB 292, which sets deadlines for legal challenges to the environmental impact report of the stadium construction and makes it necessary for lawsuits to go to an appeals court rapidly, violates the constitution. According to them, the Constitution protects the right to file legal challenges to the environmental review in county Superior Court. The group also says that the process determined by the California Environmental Quality Act cannot and should not bypass by the SB 292 law.

Attorney for the coalition group opposing the stadium’s construction Dan Stormer stated that the enacted law was an attack on the process of environmental review. Developer Anschutz Entertainment Group spokesman Michael Roth accused the coalition of undermining the legislative will of the state and further stated to the media he was confident in the legality of SB 292.

Maria Elena Durazo, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor head, spoke in defense of AEG’s specially sanctioned quick environmental review process, saying the law was necessary to protect jobs.

“Anyone can find a legal trip-up in any proposal, but in this case I think it’s irresponsible,” said Durazo, who was instrumental in getting the law passed.

However, Stormer later stated: There’s this overriding necessity to have a football field. So follow the Constitution. If the City of Industry did it right, they should have the stadium.”