Lady Gaga Aghast and Angry with Former Assistant


Lady Gaga’s former assistant, Jennifer O’Neill, is suing the pop star for over $393,000 in alleged unpaid overtime wages. The famously self-expressive Gaga, had some angry words for O’Neill, captured in an August 6th deposition transcript and video, obtained through court records. Lady Gaga used several variations of curses to ream out O’Neill for the judge on the case, and to O’Neill’s lawyers. She claims that O’Neill was treated extremely well, and had access to all of the luxuries inherent to travelling with Gaga including private air travel, caviar, five-star hotels, and Egyptian cotton sheets. Gaga also claims that she paid O’Neill wages of $75,000 annually, a sum the performer

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felt is far above the pay grade O’Neill deserved for her previous experience.

Gaga and O’Neill parted ways after conflicts over helping the singer with the contents of the large number of suitcases she travelled with. O’Neill did not help Gaga sort through each of her 20 suitcases to her liking. Additionally, O’Neill did not understand the schedule inherent to being a personal assistant to a mega-star. Any assistant would be expected to be available, not 9am-5pm, but as needed. Gaga was clear to exhort that she gets along famously with all of her other staff, and plans to give the money that O’Neill demands to her current employees after she wins the case. Gaga is clearly disturbed that O’Neill would sue her, after she feels she treated the woman very well during her employment. O’Neill and her lawyers did not comment in the affair, because they are bound by a confidentiality order.

Source courtesy of People. Image courtesy of WPGC.