Lady Gaga Faces Wendy Starland and Rob Fusari in Legal Battle

lady gaga

Like many present day celebrities, Lady Gaga—or her legion of attorneys, at least—has become rather familiar with the judicial system. Since 2010, the self-entitled “Mother Monster” has been involved in several lawsuits from people looking to cash in on her successes. While these suits have had a minimal effect on Gaga’s rise to super stardom, she may have taken matters into her own hands to prevent one such case from doing so and damaging her reputation in the process.

TMZ has reported that the “little monster” role model filed documents in court to prevent the use of certain “sensitive, private and personal information” in a lawsuit between former collaborator Wendy Starland and former producer Rob Fusari. Starland filed the case in 2010 claiming that Fusari had withheld revenues that she earned for helping to discover the singer.

According to the suit and Idolator, Starland was instructed by Gaga’s former producer to find a “unique” sub-25 year old female equivalent of Julian Casablancas—lead singer of the Strokes. You could argue that Fusari bit off more than he can chew. Forgive the cliché but it is warranted—keep reading. However, Fusari filed his own $30.5 million lawsuit against Lady Gaga for “ditching him” despite his efforts for transforming the “guidette” into the stylishly daring pioneer that the music world has become familiar with.

While both lawsuits brought to light just about every aspect of Lady Gaga’s discovery and subsequent rise to fame, the court documents she filed claim that the new information would “inflict significant personal and professional harm upon” her.

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Really Gaga? Do the words “meat dress” ring a [cow] bell?

Photo courtesy of Business Insider