Lance Armstrong Reaches Last Minute Settlement and Avoids Deposition

lance armstrong

After being stripped of all seven of his Tour de France titles, Lance Armstrong reached an agreement in his lawsuit brought on by Acceptance Insurance and released him from an impending Austin deposition, scheduled for Thursday, in which he would confess to his dope use

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under oath. The suit was filed against him by Acceptance Insurance, seeking $3 million in bonuses bestowed upon the biker after his victories from 1999 to 2001.

Since Armstrong admitted to doping in January during an interview with Oprah, it seems as though he has avoided admitting to his drug use under an oath by any means necessary. The eleven hour negotiation came to a close on Wednesday, with Armstrong’s attorney, Tim Herman, telling USA Today Sports that the case had been “resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties.”

Armstrong and his team have recently attempted to reduce the number of times he will be required to give depositions, stating that he should not have to endure the same repeated questioning. However, a federal judge denied the requests to consolidate his depositions on Monday. Three pending lawsuits in state and federal court are still left unresolved.

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