Lance Armstrong – The World Will Never Know


The ongoing saga between officials and Lance Armstrong and a potential use of dope came to an end on Friday with the announcement that the federal examination into of the famous Tour de France winner has been discarded after almost of two years.

The announcement came from the US Attorney’s office in Los Angeles; they recapped that its primary purpose was not to prove that the rider had taken enhancement drugs. In the US, sports-related doping is not a federal offense. The consequence of doping is the issue, and in Armstrong’s case an effort was being made to determine if sponsorship money supplied by a US government body had been used to finance a doping program for his US Postal team. Fraudulent use of federal funds would have been the crime, rather than cheating in order to alter competition.

Armstrong’s series of historical victories in the most notorious bike race of them all will remain in the record books, along with the fives wins of Jacques Anquetil, who had been known to acknowledge that the behavior was considered acceptable.