Genilde Elite Guerra of Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra, P.A. Talks Greatest Successes and Client Expectations

What do you see as your practice’s greatest success in 2012? How will you push past this in the coming year?

Our greatest success is to offer all of our clients all we can give and get them great results. We take the time to explain to the client what is going on and what they are being charged for. Our clients always know what they are paying for and can clearly see the value of our services. We want to keep this up for the coming year; furthermore, we will continue to work hard, innovate, and continue to improve our organization. To put it in Genilde’s words: “We will focus on performance, not entitlement.” Hard work got us to where we are today and will enable us to keep growing.

What should your clients expect if they seek your counsel?

Clients should expect to receive the best service and solutions for their concerns. We have years of experience, and we recruit the best people so we can offer our clients nothing but the best advice. Our team consists of professionals who have years of experience and nuanced understanding of their respective areas of expertise.

What are the most important questions clients should ask themselves before contacting you?

The most important question they should ask themselves would be: “Do I want the best service and the best solution to my matter?” If the answer is yes, contacting us is the right move. We take the time to talk to our clients, either in person, by phone or even Skype; we listen to our clients, explain their options and work towards a favorable solution. Another question to ask would be: “What exactly do I need/ want?” Time is valuable; be respectful of the lawyers’ time and know what you want to accomplish so we can start working on resolving your issue right away.

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