Lawyer Implicates Russia in Murder of Former KGB Agent Litvinenko


Former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko died mysteriously of poisoning while under the employ of the British and Spanish intelligence services to investigate the Russian mafia and its links to Putin. Recently, during a December 13th hearing in London, a lawyer alleged that Britain has evidence that Russia was involved in Litvinenko’s death. The hearing involved the beginning of an investigation into the suspicious circumstances surrounding Litvinenko’s demise by polonium- 210 after releasing a statement on his deathbed implicating Putin.

The Kremlin has denied any involvement in the poisoning with a radioactive substance. Lawyer Ben Emmerson representing Litvinenko’s widow is working to prove the links between Litvinenko, MI6 and Spanish Intelligence through naming handlers, showing deposits from the agencies into his accounts, and planned trips. He alleges that MI6 did not do enough to protect Litvinenko from the agents he implicated in Russia. The Russian government hopes to become involved in the case through an interested party status, which would give the country’s investigative committee the power to cross-examine witnesses and study the evidence. The Russian embassy hopes to obtain a well-rounded inquest through its participation. The Russian government has not yet released a statement regarding Emmerson’s claims of evidence.

Source courtesy of CNN. Image

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courtesy of The Guardian.