Lawyer with Taste for Fashion to Sue Forever 21


Lawyer Carolyn Kellman, who in Miami

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has been described as a fashionista for her taste in expensive designer clothes is suing retailer Forever 21 over what she alleges is penny-skimming scheme. In other words, she is suing over a penny.

The class action suit was filed after Kellman returned an article of clothing to the retailer but received a penny less than what she paid for originally. She claims she is suing the retailer on behalf of tens of thousands of fellow customers who are spread out throughout the country.

The suit filed by the Strickland Law Firm in Coral Gables, Florida is hoping to get class action status for two groups of Forever 21 clients from the past five years: those who have been charged one cent more, and those who received one cent less. In order to meet the legally required $15,000 threshold, Kellman will need to find 750,000 Forever 21 shoppers who will come forward and say they lost out on one cent.

While some may mock the lawyer for becoming upset over one cent, it must be kept in mind that if she is correct, a penny-skimming scheme could very well be uncovered and Forever 21 could have profited tremendously over the years to the tune of a small fortune, which customers should be entitled to get back if Kellman is successful with her lawsuit.