Leann Rimes to Sue Phone Tappers


American songstress Leann Rimes wants the cyber-bullies who called her personal phone number and recorded the conversation which was later distributed over the internet to pay for their illegal activity and her lawyer confirms that she will be suing the culprits.

Rimes lawyer, Larry Stein, spoke with celebrity gossip website TMZ and did confirm that the singer has been terrorized by a group of cyber-bullies who have been harassing her on her social media websites ever since she got together with Eddie Cibrian, who is now her husband.  Both Rimes and Cibrian were married to other people at the start of their relationship.

One of the cyber bullies recently posted his recording of a conversation with Rimes on the internet; Rimes did not know the call was being recorded.  In the state of California, where Rimes resides, recording a phone call without the consent of both parties is illegal.

Stein says that Rimes will be pressing charges against those who are involved in the cyber-bullying as well as suing them.  According to the lawyer, Rimes will “take all of the appropriate steps to address the harm that [she] has suffered as a result of this criminal conduct.”

For now, Stein will not say to the media who is behind the cyber-bullying plot, but did take specific care to note that Cibrian’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, who has previously been publicly bitter about her break-up with the actor, is not currently a suspect.