Lil Wayne Denies Reneging on Bahamas Concert


Lil Wayne is battling accusations that he failed to perform at a concert in the Bahamas in 2009 because he was too drunk. He is being sued for not showing up for his scheduled performance after the promoter fronted $432,000, and according to court documents, their stories are very different.

Red City Entertainment has stated that at the 2009 show, the promoters started to worry when the rapper didn’t show up, sending the police to his room where they found him unconscious. Lil Wayne denies that allegation, saying that at no point was he ever so intoxicated that he passed out in the hotel, or anywhere else for that matter.

He has stated that the entire concert was canceled, and not by his actions. Lil Wayne is claiming a technical issue regarding lighting or sound was the culprit, but doesn’t recall the exact reasons.

Image: Forever Genesis