Lindsay Lohan Facing Court Date Over Hit-and-Run


Some may call it character acting; actress Lindsay Lohan, who is playing the infamously dramatic Elizabeth Taylor in a new TV movie, is in trouble with the law again. Lohan was arrested last week in New York after allegedly hitting a pedestrian with her SUV and leaving the scene of the crime. A number of observers have attributed the incident to a lapse back into the actress’ partying ways.  Regardless of your opinion of the actress, what actually happened is not completely clear. TMZ and ENews aired fuzzy surveillance video showing Ms. Lohan maneuvering her car out a pedestrian filled alley after leaving the Dream Hotel in Manhattan September 19th. The video is inconclusive if she hit or did not hit the man in question. The accuser, identified by the NY Daily News as 34-year old Jose Rodriguez, is a cook at the Maritime Hotel who was commuting home from work when the incident occurred. He further claims that Lohan was slurring and smelled of alcohol when he followed her car and confronted her. Police, however, did not find any evidence the star was impaired.

Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of the tabloids for her alcohol and drug abuse. Her prior drunk driving arrest in 2007 in Los Angeles coupled with the late hour, 2:30am, led many to question if she was driving under the influence again. She was arrested for leaving the scene of the accident, charged with a misdemeanor, and released. Mr. Rodriguez repaired to a local hospital to seek treatment for a knee injury.

Lindsay is no longer technically under probation mandates, but an LA judge directed her to obey all laws until 2014. It remains to be seen if this NY case will trigger a violation of that condition. One thing it did trigger was an asthma attack. Lindsay was rushed to the hospital Monday following the arrest. TMZ reported Lindsay blamed anxiety over the arrest for exacerbating her walking pneumonia. The NY Daily News reports that Lindsay plans to sue over Rodriguez damaging her (albeit fragile) reputation.