LinkedIn Accused of Accessing The Emails of Users


LinkedIn Corp is about to face legal action over the use of customers’ external email accounts and their contacts’ addresses for marketing reasons. The company demands customers must provide an email address ID as their username.

U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh is of the opinion that these invitation emails violate the reputations of users and could in term lead to their contacts construing the emails to be spam.

Some users had asked the judge to stop LinkedIn from violating their privacy. Affected users of the endorsement emails can now take legal action against LinkedIn and make a case for claiming damages.

This isn’t the first time LinkedIn has faced a lawsuit from users. The company was hit with a lawsuit back in 2012 over a password breach of 6.5 million users. The case was later dismissed.

LinkedIn has refuted all of the allegations and says it has never sent emails to acquired contacts without the consent of its users.

Details courtesy of Zacks, photo courtesy of Reuters