longchamp outlet How often do I need to change my oil in a VW TDI

longchamp outlet How often do I need to change my oil in a VW TDI

How often do I need to change my oil in a VW TDI

a mixture of highway, country and urban driving), I’d say to stick with the manufacturer’s recommendation but make sure you also stick to the recommended specification of oil.

Remember that oil technologies and manufacturing tolerances have improved massively over the last 20 years or so, meaning that services don’t need to be as frequent as they used to.

Personally, I wouldn’t take a car of that age to a main dealer, once it’s got the the age when keeping a full service history is no longer important, I’d go with a small independant or do it myself.

I think it depends what type of oil you use. Synthetic can go longer between changes because it doesn’t have viscosity modifiers that breakdown. For instance 5w 30 dyno oil is actually 5w oil with viscosity modifiers to make it act like 30 when hot. As the oil is churned about inside the engine, the modifiers break down until you’re left with 5w oil that acts like 5w oil when hot (not good). Synthetic oil is different. The base stock of the oil is 5w 30 and doesn’t break down to 5w with use, so you can go much longer between changes.

Synthetic oils are a whole different story. There is no VI improver added so there is nothing to wear out. The actual oil molecules never wear out. You could almost use the same oil forever. The problem is that there are other additives and they do get used up. The same manual also states OR every 12 months, whichever occurs first. My feeling is that you can probably go 5,000 miles on the average (in a sports car) but you must change your oil in the spring time at a minimum, particularly up north. Oils form waxes in icy cold weather. There is a permanent thickening of the oil.

Some automotive manufacturers are backing down on oil change intervals to 5,000 miles or less and some advocate changing the oil at least every 6 months as well. I think this is because of the tendency for oils to thicken in very hot engines (not ambient conditions, just hot engines). Well, you also need to know if the mechanic is going to put synthetic in as well, and that they not just giving you general recommendation based on conventional oil usage. Giving the dealer the benefit of the doubt, ask them why they think you should change it more often. It is possible they are looking at the miles you drive compared to the average and assuming you drive short trips which are particularly tough on diesels and need to change oil more frequently or that your oil looks especially dirty. If they can,t give you answer then follow the recommended guideline. Make sure you check the oil level regularly.

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