Louis Vuitton Threatens to Sue Penn Law


Louis Vuitton has become famous for being more than just a luxury powerhouse; the brand is notorious for a steadfast dedication to trademark enforcement. With that being said, it’s no wonder the fashion purveyor is currently in cahoots with The University of Pennsylvania Law School.

In an effort to garner attention for a symposium on fashion law and intellectual property, Penn Law created a few attention-grabbing posters teetering on Louis Vuitton’s iconic insignia using registered trademark and copyright signs instead of the brand’s initials and Wingdings flowers. Not surprisingly, a lawyer for the fashion house has presented the school with a cease-and-desist order, demanding them to stop all use of the artwork in question.

Penn Law group and faculty have a full understanding of the law and the general counsel explained that although the trademark regulations stand, so do the laws for parody and satire, especially in instances where the work is for educational or noncommercial purposes. In an attempt to be fair, the general counsel has invited the Louis Vuitton team to attend an upcoming seminar to learn more about the issues at hand. It looks like LV is losing this one.

Image: NY Mag; Poster causing problems.