Man Sues New York City for $162 Million Over Wrongful Murder Conviction

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A man wrongfully convicted of murder in 1989 is suing New York City for $162 million. Jonathan Fleming spent almost 25 years behind bars for the killing of Darryl Rush.

Fleming filed the lawsuit against the city, the police department and the King County district attorney’s office. He was not released from jail until April of this year. A lawyer from Fleming said he would never be able to get that time back from serving for a crime he didn’t commit.

Fleming always maintained that he was not guilty, nor even in Brooklyn at the time of the murder. He said he was on a family trip to Disney World when Rush was killed on August 15, 1989.

Fleming’s attorneys and the Brooklyn district attorney’s Conviction Review Unit reviewed documents and re-interviewed witness in the case. It was concluded that the only evidence against Fleming was from an alleged witness who later retracted her statement.

Fleming’s lawyer has said that he has no residence and less that $100 currently. Fleming is suing for damages over the losw of wages, companionship and emotional suffering.

Details and photo courtesy of CNN