Manny Pacquiao Lawsuit Dismissed


A lawsuit brought on to Manny Pacquiao by a Texas promotional company was dismissed by a federal appeals court in New Orleans on Wednesday. The three-year-old lawsuit from Imperial ED Promotions claimed that Pacquiao failed to appear at a scheduled promotional event in Sepetember 2010. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit dismissed the case, and Pacquiao’s David Marroso stated “As Manny’s popularity increased, he has become a target, people file meritless lawsuits against Manny hoping cash in on his success.”

Marroso had questioned Imperial ED’s ability to bring on the case, citing that a different party was in charge of the contract. When Imperial ED produced documents that supposedly transferred ownership of the contract of Pacquiao’s appearance, Federal Judge Ricardo Hinojosa discovered that the the document had been falsely backdated and proceeded to throw away the case.

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