Mary J. Blige Faces Two Lawsuits Stemming From Charity Involvement

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Mary J. Blige and her charity, the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, are facing two lawsuits over money the charity allegedly owes.

The first lawsuit filed by TD Bank contends that Blige and co-owner Steve Stoute defaulted on a $250,000 loan extended to the charity by the bank. TD Bank says in a lawsuit filed this month in Manhattan that so far only $368 has been paid back on the loan.

Meanwhile, a group of musicians who performed at a 2011 event for the charity says they were never paid for their services. Harvey Mars, who represents the artists says “We got a whole series of checks– rubber.”

The charity also didn’t file a 2010 tax return according to the New York Post. Blige reportedly donated $25,000 which was matched by rapper Jay-Z. Gucci and Wal-Mart also reportedly donated to the organization in 2009, yet the organization never filed a return.

So far, Mary J. Blige and her attorneys haven’t responded to the allegations.

Source: and the New York Post