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Practice Area: Elder Law

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With multi-jurisdictional licensing and over two decades of experience, J. Bryan Nugen, Esq., principal of Nugen Law, A Professional Corporation, is the go-to estate planning authority; a long-term partner for families transferring and protecting wealth for multiple generations.   Families wishing to transfer business operations without complexity and focusing on tax avoidance and an ongoing stream of income appreciate Nugen Law.

With both depth and breadth, Nugen Law is an able ally for drafting a thorough Estate Plan, providing a smooth and seamless transition of a family’s legacy from generation to generation, ensuring every detail is exact.

Intent and sincere listeners, Nugen Law’s attorneys base their estate planning advice on an in-depth understanding of families’ financial situations and what they want – not what others want for them. Transparent and commonsensical they are committed to giving families accessible, plain-English explanations of the reason for the advice provided and the documents prepared.


Sound elder law advice dictates heads of families should set up well-advised planning sooner rather than later to protect their wealth and define their desires for long-term care. The key is making well thought out plans and drafting clear directives today.

Nugen Law’s inside-out knowledge of Medicaid, Medicare, Veteran’s Administration Benefits and how best to utilize long-term care insurance to lessen the likelihood of lost family wealth is a cornerstone of their Elder Law practice.

Carefully drafted Advanced Directives such as Powers of Attorney, Health Care Representative Designations, Living Wills and similar documents can alleviate the need for guardianships and conservatorships.  Nugen Law acts to save families from the expense and time consuming task of asking for a Court’s approval to take care of a loved one, when the family already knows what is best.  Nugen Law removes the burden of trying to keep normal family order which often arises when family members need to “act now” on behalf of someone close to them who can no longer act for themselves, either temporarily or permanently.

Heads of families who use Nugen Law avoid the risk of complications and confusion which arise due to a grieving family member’s inability to act, the needless loss of assets and guilt when end of life decisions are being made.  J. Bryan Nugen and his team at Nugen Law use an intuitive and common sense approach when addressing issues involving Elder Law.


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