Michael Raphael Sues Drake For Jewelry Copyright Infringement

Drake sued for jewelry copyright infringement

Michael Raphael, owner of Baden Baden, Inc., is suing Drake for allegedly ripping off a owl pendant worth around $50,000.

Baden Baden, Inc. claims the rapper illegally copied a platinum owl pendant Drake hired them to make in January.

In June, Baden Baden, Inc. saw gold duplicates of the pendant posted on his Instagram account. Drake was allegedly distributing the copied gold pendant to his friends.

According to TMZ, Drake is being sued for copyright infringement and unspecified damages, and he will be asked to return all copies of the owl pendant.

Drake is known for using the owl as a personal logo, especially on flyers for his annual OVO fest held in August. It’s also reported that the rapper has a tattoo of an owl on his back, so it’s sad to see that this rapper’s spirit animal has led to some legal trouble.

Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post