MLB’s Alex Rodriguez Faces Suspension for Performance Enhancing Drugs

alex rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez has been front-page news for some time now. Unfortunately, those headlines deal less with accomplishments on the field and more with his dealings off of it. The Yankees third baseman has been the center of attention in the most recent doping charges to arise in Major League Baseball.

The MLB had announced that A-Rod would be slapped with a career-crippling suspension (through the end of next season) following his failure to adhere to the league’s drug policy. The MLB is expected to include evidence that Rodriguez violated the policy on three separate occasions—having used performance enhancing drugs in 2010, 2011, and 2012—and lied to league officials about his past use.

A-Rod, who is facing 50-game suspensions for each of the violations in question, is likely to appeal the decision and head for arbitration. Because Rodriguez is appealing the ban, the Yankees will have no choice but to allow him to join the rest of the active roster. They are obliged to play the 14-time All Star if he says he is healthy—he has been in rehab for the last 6 months following a January hip surgery.

In his appeal, Rodriguez will have to explain his association with Anthony Bosch and his Biogenesis anti-aging clinic, as evidence in the form of text messages and emails between the two parties has been brought forward. It has been reported that A-Rod will likely sue Yankee doctors for misdiagnosing his injuries since 2009. It seems that the aging third baseman is looking to collect every last dollar he can before the ban. If the suspension

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is imposed, the Yankees will not be obligated to pay Rodriguez the $25 million owed for his contract next season.