N.J. State Trooper Resigns After Escorting Luxury Cars on High Speed Road Trip

Sgt. 1st Class Nadir Nassry of the New Jersey State Police resigned from his post at the end of July this year taking full responsibility for illegally escorting a high-speed caravan of luxury cars on a New Jersey Parkway that were on their way to Atlantic City.

The trooper may face criminal charges along with disciplinary action; and, as his lawyer Charles Sciarra explained, the possibility of losing his pension is also very high.  Trooper Nassry wrote in his retirement request

“I fully realize this matter has caused my superiors significant embarrassment and also has impacted the trust that the public has with regard to the great character of the New Jersey State Police.  For this, I must take full responsibility.”  Nassry further stated that he did not personally profit in any way by organizing the escort, and understood and that the high speeds used were a mistake.

Joseph Ventrella, the other trooper involved in the high-speed incident, will also be charged with third or fourth degree crimes; allegedly the cars in the caravan had tape put over their licence plates.

The incident occurred on March 3, with witnesses claiming the luxury cars were travelling at speeds over 100 miles per hour and were weaving in and out of heavy traffic.  One witness described the situation as “Death Race 2012”.  Both officers involved were suspended without pay weeks after the incident.

Two other officers who accompanied a similar high-speed caravan two years ago will also face disciplinary action according to statements given to the media by the Attorney-General’s Office.