New Michael Jackson Documentary Explores the Corrupt Handling of His Estate

Reports: Qunicy Jones to sue Jackson estate

A new documentary will investigate the executors in charge of the estate of Michael Jackson as the producer of the film battles with those in charge of the pop singer’s fortune.

Producer Edward Bass is making the documentary, “Follow the Money,” as he sues lawyer John Branca and music executive John McClain. The duo hit the producer with a cease and desist court order in hopes for stopping Bass from releasing the film, “Michael: The Last Photo Shoots.”

A friend of Michael Jackson’s, Hassan Mohammed, shot the video footage. Mohammed filmed two 2007 magazine shoots. Bass obtained the video from Mohammed. The estate’s lawyer Howard Weitzman argues Bass does not own the footage, but rather it belongs to the estate.

In the meantime, Bass’ new documentary will shine a light on Branca and McClain. Since Jackson’s death, the producer maintains the two have raked in more than the nearly $20 million given to Jackson’s three children and his mother.

Details and photo courtesy of Page Six