Paris Hilton Slammed With $2 Million Lawsuit By Shoe Company

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Antebi Footwear Group is suing Paris Hilton for breach of contract. The designer of the Paris Hilton Footwear collection of shoes is seeking $2 million in royalties from the celebrity.

The company claims Hilton turned her back on Antebi and partnered up with a competitor, Retouch. Hilton joined forces with the company to license a competing shoe line called Parisian Parc. Antebi claims this is a direct violation of Hilton’s contract agreement.

The case outlines how Paris Hilton went on her social media channels to promote Retouch.

Hilton first slapped Antebi with a $1 million-plus lawsuit, claiming the company edged her out of royalties unlawfully when the company didn’t honor its licensing agreement. Antebi contends Hilton broke the agreement first.

In addition to $2 million in royalties, Antebi is seeking to have Hilton’s lawsuit thrown out.

Details and photo courtesy of Page Six