Patrick Dempsey Triumphs Over Starbucks to Purchase Tully’s

Patrick Dempsey

Tully’s, a Seattle coffee chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October, and was forced to close 19 of its locations. Patrick Dempsey, along with the Global Baristas investors, swept in to rescue the chain and the fates of its employees. The Grey’s Anatomy star and the fund feared they would be outbid by coffee giant, Starbucks. However, after a $9.15 billion bid, Dempsey was triumphant.

The actor said in a statement that he is happy to do Seattle a service after it has been such a kind home to him throughout the course of his career in a series based in the city. His goal is to help the CEO and president of TC Global, Scott Pearson, maintain as many of Tully’s 500 jobs as possible. As the new owner, Dempsey hopes to work closely with Tully’s employees while overseeing the chain.

Source courtesy of US Magazine. Image courtesy of MuckRack.