Penn State University Claims Sandusky Case is Costing them $3.2 Mil


Penn State University is estimating that the ongoing legal issue of former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky is costing them a stifling $3.2 million. The figure is comprised of legal fees, public relation fees and consultant fees.

When broken down in more detail, it appears $2.5 million are going to the university’s internal investigation and crisis communication team fees. Up to $500,000 have been expended on legal defense services.

According to the Penn State website, alumni donations, student tuition nor taxpayer dollars will be used towards paying off these costs. Instead, insurance and the return of a loan from the school’s athletic department will—hopefully—front the bill.

Sandusky is currently under house arrest, anticipating trial for the six counts of child sex abuse he is pleading not-guilty to.

IMAGE:  Andy Colwell/The Patriot-News/AP/ABC News