Pinterest Updates Terms of Service in Response to Pressure


Trending social media site Pinterest has been hammered with copyright infringement claims, and in response to these legal concerns, the site has changed its Terms of Use and Conditions.

This issue started about a month ago, when the popular photo-sharing site Flickr blocked users from being able to pin images to Pinterest. While it is easy for users to get around Flickr’s change, the messages posted while attempting to pin images to Pinterest have roused general public awareness of the copyright infringement concerns surrounding the popular sharing site. Due to the wording of the original Terms, Pinterest users were at risk of litigation if the site began monetizing images that they do not have copyright privileges for, which is the case for most images on the site.

The previous terms allowed Pinterest to sell any images that were pinned on the site. This clause has since been removed with a disclaimer that they never intended on monetizing on copyrighted materials. All users of the site were notified by email of the changes. Pinterest has also clarified that they do not automatically own material that is posted to the site, but that they still retain broad rights to use posted material.