Plantiffs Allege Cover-Up Over Huffington Post Beginnings

New Lawsuit Allegations Against HuffPo's Arianna Huffington

New documents obtained during discovery have changed the complexion of a lawsuit over the birth of The Huffington Post.

Democratic political consultants Peter Daou and James Boyce filed their original complaint in November 2010.

They alleged that while they were collaborating with The Huffington Post’s original founders Arianna Huffington and Ken Lerer their ideas were being passed on to other parties.

They say Lerer and Huffington were delivering their concepts to Roy Sekoff, Huffington’s founding editor, and Andrew Breitbart, the conservative internet impresario who died earlier this year.

According to the original suit, the objective was for Huffington and Lerer to craft a business deal with Sekoff and Breitbart using the plaintiff’s ideas while shutting Daou and Boyce out of any control or ownership stake in the website.

A new amended complaint by the plaintiffs now alleges that during discovery they obtained minutes from a 2005 meeting where Huffington, Lerer, Breitbart and Sekoff worked on engineering an alternative story about the genesis of The Huffington Post to discount the involvement of Daou and Boyce.

In the new complaint the plaintiffs say the minutes document the “deliberate creation of a false and fraudulent ‘narrative’ to explain the origin of the idea for The Huffington Post.”

So far, The Huffington Post has declined to comment on the new allegations.