Prada Sues Knock-Off Perfume Company

prada candy

‘Prada Candy’ is one of the Italian luxury house’s best known scents, and Preferred Fragrance, a Brooklyn-based imitation scent manufacturer has been selling their ‘Party Candy’ perfume, at a much cheaper price and with very similar packaging.

According to representatives, Prada’s perfume has brought in “tens of millions of dollars” in sales since the fragrance was introduced in 2011. Therefore, the brand intends to end the distribution of the imitation. In a copyright infringement lawsuit filed in the Southern District of New York, Prada claims that the knock-off violates its trademark and is requesting court orders to ban the registration of Party Candy products as a U.S. trademark as well as any sales of the product.

Preferred Fragrance’s website claims that the brand is the “leading distributor of designer-inspired perfumes” and that “Our consumers enjoy a high quality, luxury experience at about a third of the price of traditional designer lines.”

The case remains unsettled currently, but this is not the imitation manufacturer’s first run-in with an angry luxury label, Estee Lauder also sued the company in 2008 for copyright infringement.

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