Ralls Corp Sues President Obama Over Wind Farm


President Obama used his executive power on September 28th, issuing a decree for Ralls Corp, a wind farm project, to divest its interests. The wind farm, owned by two Chinese nationals, was close to a military training site, and deemed a threat to national security by the President and the evidence available to him. As Reuters have reported, the Chinese owners originally responded by filing a lawsuit against first the Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) in September when the company was ordered to halt operations while the committee completed an investigation. Their current claim is that the president went farther than allowed by law, in determining how the project should be sold, and levying unequal treatment against the company without proof of any national security risk.

Experts believe their chances of winning the lawsuit are slim, as most courts do not easily second-guess an executive order, especially when national security is at stake. The president has a wide margin for personal discretion in matters such as these. However, there is speculation that the presidential decree is merely a campaign move to demonstrate that the Democratic Party is actively protecting United States green energy markets from Chinese trade and investment in the United States.

Source courtesy Reuters. Image Source.