ralph lauren outlet uk Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness

ON Mother’s Day, as I was walking slowly (as elderly people often do) towards the Starbucks on Kenaston Boulevard, I noticed a gentleman holding the door open for me.

I thanked him, and as we entered the restaurant, I commented on how unusual it was to see this restaurant empty, adding it must be because it is Mother’s Day. He agreed.

He went on to get his beverage, and as I was in the process of ordering a sandwich and beverage, he came up behind me, pulled a $10 bill out of his wallet, said, "Here, let me get that," and handed the bill to the barista.

When I tried to dissuade him, he said, "Please. my mother is no longer with us."

Before I could thank him and ask him his name, he was gone.

The barista later told me his name was Jeff.

I was so moved by the gesture, and so was the barista. I thought about what a caring son his mother had raised. What a wonderful mother she must have been. It was a moment in time I will remember forever.

So thank you, Jeff, from the bottom of my heart.

You are a very special person, and I hope our paths may cross again and that I have the opportunity to reciprocate.

Having only had him for two days, we were terrified he was going to get hit by a car. He led my husband on a 15 minute chase down Kingston Row, while running into the street many times.

I would like to thank my neighbour, Sharon, for helping us try to catch him, as well as two men one who stopped his vehicle to help and another who was doing yardwork.

We didn’t get their names, but with their help, my husband was able to finally catch him. Thanks so much for your help. Our two young sons were very thankful to get their dog back home safely!

We were deep into girl talk when I noticed a friend from the lake, Jay Ramanand. I waved to him and he came over, greeting me with a hug and kiss. I explained we were out celebrating my birthday. We chatted a while, he wished me happy birthday, then left to join his companion at their table.

After a great lunch and visit with Donna, we asked for the bill. Our server said our lunch had been paid for.

When we asked who paid the bill, she just smiled and said they asked her not to say. Needless to say, Donna and I were very pleasantly surprised, but we still wanted to know who it was. I asked the girl not to reply if I guessed who it was, and she agreed. We found out it was Jay.

I must say I was not surprised, because Jay and his wife, Sonia, are always doing kind things for others at the lake and go out of their way to bring the community together, excluding none.

Thanks Jay, for the wonderful lunch, and thanks also for all you and Sonia do to promote a friendly and welcoming cottage community.

I was shopping at Safeway recently when I met a little girl, maybe four years old, who was getting one of those shopping carts shaped like a car. The woman with her I’m not sure if it was her mother or grandmother was helping her get the colour she wanted.

I smiled and said something like, "Oh, aren’t you lucky to get to ride in that car." She smiled, and after a couple more exchanges, I went about my shopping.

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