Reebok and Nike Bump Heads Over Tebow Apparel


A New York judge has ordered Reebok to stop selling New York Jets Tim Tebow apparel as a result of allegations by Nike.

Nike claimed that Reebok was unfairly trying to milk Tebow’s name despite knowledge that Nike was entering a 5-year contract with the NFL. Judge Kevin Castel maintained the restraining order on Reebok after a day-long hearing last week.

It was determined that in addition to the restraining order, Rebook will be required to purchase back all Tebow apparel from retailers that was manufactured after the February expiration date of its NFL licensing deal. The judgment was extended to Canton and Adidas from manufacturing any Tebow merchandise in the same ruling.

Reebok and Nike were both content by the settlement, which could have led to far more severe consequences for Reebok.

Photo credit: Reuters