Reeva Steenkamp’s Father Speaks Out in Hopes for Forgiveness


Oscar Pistorius was released on bail February 22nd in the case for the premeditated murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Reeva’s father, Barry Steenkamp released a statement to Beeld newspaper that BBC translated, indicating that if Pistorius is truthful in his claims that Barry will hopefully be able to forgive him for the accident some day. Pistorius’s defense in the murder trial is that he shot Reeva four times under the impression that she was an intruder in his home. However, Steenkamp said that if Pistorius lies, he should suffer for his wrongs.

The paralympian’s bail was set at

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$114,000, a sum higher than typical for murder trials in South Africa. Pistorius was also ordered by Magistrate Nair Desmond to hand in his passports and fire arms to the court. He is banned from entering his home, which is a crime scene. He cannot travel outside of Pretoria without permission, use drugs or alcohol, or contact witnesses during the period between his release and the next hearing on June 4th. It is mandated that Pistorius should report to a police station twice a week to confirm his whereabouts. The athlete is staying with his uncle Arnold Pistorius, who released a statement expressing sympathy for Reeva’s family. As of now, the Steenkamp family seems unconvinced by the empathetic advances of the Pistorius clan.

Source courtesy of People. Image courtesy of Stamford Advocate.