Russian Billionaire Had The Chance To Settle Divorce For Billions Less

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Fertilizer magnate Dmitry Rybolovlev ended up paying quite a bit more for his divorce settlement. The Russian billionaire settled his divorce for $4.8 billion. However, last year, Rybolovlev had the chance to make the deal cost a measly $1 billion instead.

Last May lawyers for both Rybolovlev and his former wife Elena Rybolovlev had agreed to a $1 billion divorce settlement. The deal was called off once Rybolovlev’s moneymen couldn’t produce the funds.

Rybolovlev said the deal was not in his control. A lawyer for his wife disagreed, explaining that Rybolovlev controls the trust. A spokesman for the fertilizer tycoon claimed the wife wouldn’t take the deal.

Married for 26 years, the wife is seeking three properties of Rybolovlev’s in the US. Lawyers for the billionaire claim the properties aren’t his.

Rybolovlev is reportedly worth around $8.8 billion.

Details and photo courtesy of NY Daily News