sandra greenblatt

Sandra Greenblatt Talks Resources and Social Media

What is the number one resource you use in your office (program, app, website, database), and how does it enhance your work?

The resource I use the most on a daily basis is Microsoft Outlook.  It is a resource as well as the bane of my existence, as attention is needed to constant email.  As a resource, I receive news from multiple sources about new laws and developments almost immediately.  On the flip side, email also means clients today expect almost instant response and even faxes seem slow and outmoded. Outlook is also helpful in coordinating invitations and calendar events and I like everything in one program.

How do you feel social media has changed your industry and career? How do you use social media to your advantage?

An online presence has become a necessity.  In early days, potential clients were referred to lawyers by people and then they checked the Internet to learn more about you before calling. Today, potential clients independently search for lawyers and other professionals themselves on the Internet, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. The hard part is finding the time to take part in online social media and continue to be productive in your work. The exciting thing about the Internet and social media is the broad exposure a professional can achieve.  For example, one article published may be seen by thousands of potential clients and not only the subscribers of that publication.

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