Scott Peterson Looks to Overturn Guilty Verdict, Death Penalty for Wife’s Murder

Scott Peterson Appealing Death Penalty Conviction

Convicted murderer Scott Peterson has filed an appeal with the California Supreme Court that, if successful, would overturn his conviction for killing his pregnant wife Laci Peterson.

In the appeal, Peterson points out that he was convicted of killing his wife and her unborn child without evidence stating how, when or where the crime took place.

He also contends that the jury pool for his murder trial was tainted by massive publicity.

The appeal is a long way from being examined. The courts could spend up to a year looking at arguments and briefs before even scheduling a hearing. If unsuccessful, Peterson would still have options through the Federal courts.

Laci Peterson disappeared from the home she shared with Scott Peterson on Christmas Eve, 2002. After a search that extended far beyond their native Modesto, CA, her body was ultimately recovered on a beach. The Peterson case attracted national media attention over the holiday season in 2002 until the body was recovered nearly a year later.

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