Sheryl Crow Empathizes with Armstrong’s Struggle

Sheryl Crow

While Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah was largely not well-received by his critics, his admissions to doping elicited sympathy, somewhat surprisingly, from at least one viewer. Sheryl Crow, the ex- fiancée of the fallen athlete, made an appearance on Entertainment Tonight after Lance’s segment aired. She commented on the scandal surrounding her almost-husband, saying that she had a difficult time watching him talk about being stripped of his titles, which must be a trying experience after working so hard to win them. She felt bad for the public struggle Lance was going through, and for Americans who have witnessed a hero that countless people admired endure an epic fall from grace. The singer, however, had an optimistic view of the situation.

Always a believer that the truth will set you free, Crow imagined that Armstrong and his family must feel unburdened by the admissions he made after denying the doping allegations time and time again. There is a relief inherent in letting the true nature of a situation into the open. Crow did not discuss if she knew Armstrong was doping during their three year relationship between 2003 and 2006.

Source courtesy of People. Image courtesy of Taste of Country.