Skin Expert to the Stars Faces Jail Time Over Alleged Plot to Kill a Competitor


Dawn DaLuise, a skin care expert to the stars, is facing a court battle over allegedly plotting to kill one of her competitors. Detectives say DaLuise hired a hit man to kill Gabriel Suarez, an aesthetician who set up shop in the same building.

DaLuise claims Suarez posted sexually suggestive Craigslist ads posing as her. Suarez denied making the cyber postings and it was later discovered that a friend of DaLuise, Edward Feinstein, was actually responsible.

The story complicates further as Feinstein was the one DaLuise told about putting a hit on Suarez. A lawyer for the skin care expert has rejected the claims that DaLuise was plotting to kill, but rather he contends that she was just venting to friends and family.

DaLuise has already pleaded not guilty and seeks to clear her name. Jamon Hicks, her attorney, says she is the victim of a stalker who posted the fake ads on Craigslist. She will be charged on Monday on solicitation of murder charges, which her attorney has said she will plead not guilty.

Details courtesy of CNN, photo courtesy of Daily Mail