Socialite Nikki Haskell Ordered To Pay a Fine For Her Weight-Loss Pill


Beverly Hills socialite Nikki Haskell must pay a $60,000 fine in a plea bargain over drug misbranding charges. The socialite’s weight loss pills were to blame for the suspensions of seven NFL players in 2008.

Haskell claims to have had no knowledge that her StarCaps pills also contained bumetanide, a diuretic that can turn into a steroid-masking agent. It was used to help athletes beat drug tests.

Prosecutors argued that Haskell was still responsible for her product, even if she had no knowledge of the bumetanide within the pills. The 72 year old will not face jail time or probation but rather she must pay a $60,000 fine.

Haskell contended bumetanide was added to her StarCaps diet pills by the product’s manufacturer in Peru.

Details and photo courtesy of Page Six