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Brian Lichtenberg Suing Brother for $100 million

brian lichtenberg

Brian Lichtenberg, the creator of a celebrity-endorsed spoof clothing line that mocks the logos of high-end designers (such as replacing Hermès with “Homiès”) is suing his brother, Christopher, for $100 million. The suit comes as a result of an accusation by Brian that Christopher stole […]

GM Lawsuit Comes to a Close with $50 Million Payment

General Motors

An agreement was reached on Friday to end the grueling GM lawsuit. The litigation was over GM’s secretive 2009 hedge fund deal, and General Motors has agreed to pay $50M to a trust representing a Nova Scotia unit of GM. In 2012, the case was […]

What is a will?

What is a Will?

A will or “last will and testament” is a legal document that lets you tell the world who should receive which of your assets after your death. It also allows you to name guardians for any dependent children. Without a will, the courts decide what […]