Stop and Frisk Claims Allowed Against NYPD in Public Housing


Manhattan Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin denied NYC’s movement to bar the complaints of eight plaintiffs involved in a 2010 case levied against the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” techniques for fighting crime, especially in New York public housing. The city of New York opposes Scheindlin’s ruling, and the NYPD maintains that these tactics are crucial in lowing crime rates and numbers of weapons on the streets. The larger item at issue is the first of three potential class action lawsuits in which black and Latino residents of NYC public housing allege that the rights of minorities are systematically violated by “stop and frisk” techniques which may be racially motivated. The NYPD maintains that only people who draw suspicion are stopped, with no regard to quotas or the race of the subject.

Reuters reports that Judge Scheindlin ruled, on October 4th, to uphold the claims of eight plaintiffs claiming they were unlawfully stopped, searched, or arrested during police patrols of New York City Housing Authority buildings, and determined a sign preventing loitering in the lobby to be “unconstitutionally vague.” While Scheindlin upheld the claims of some plaintiffs, she determined others invalid. Her ruling does not uphold claims that the NYPD patrols are

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of the residents they aim to defend open for further investigation.

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