The Mysterious Case of Aubrey Lee Price, Missing Bank Director

A lawyer from Florida is attempting to make sense of a jumble of property and financial records that are in disarray in order to recover assets for investors who were left with nothing after the disappearance of Aubrey Lee Price, a bank director from Georgia, eight weeks ago.

Miami’s Melanie Damian has been appointed as receiver in the case that federal financial regulators have filed against Price.  The objective of Damian’s investigation is to find as many bank and property records as possible in order to return money to defrauded investors.

The FBI claim that Price embezzled over $17 million dollars in bank funds, and that he also defrauded investors.  A federal grand jury in the state of Georgia also indicted the bank manager on fraud charges after the prosecution successfully argued that Price’s actions wiped out the Montgomery Bank and Trust’s cash reserves and assets.

Adding to the mystery of the disappearance of Aubrey Lee Price is a 22-page rambling letter which he wrote to authorities outlining his assets.  While Price’s family believe he is dead due to a suicide note written to his relatives in which he wrote of jumping off a Key West ferry to end his life, other investigators claim they have evidence he is alive and has merely escaped abroad to enjoy the fruit of his crime.

For now, Damian has identified several properties owned by Price and is determining how best to liquidate them.  While she does not know exactly if the home Price’s family currently lives in will also be liquidated, she did say to the media that the family is fully cooperating with the investigation and hopes for the cooperation to continue.