Warner Bros Wins Legal Commercial Control of Superman Over Heir


Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the 9th US Circuit of Appeals ruled to uphold Warner Bros’ fifty percent share of Superman profits with the heirs of Superman creator Jerome Siegel. The agreement was informally created in a 2001 letter. The court’s verdict upheld the terms of the letter as binding, and reversed a 2008 ruling that dictated that Warner Brothers should share creative control with Joe Schuster, the artist designing the comic, and Jerome Siegel, up to and including decisions about Superman’s costume. Warner Brothers is happy to continue to share the superman story with the world, with the latest movie, Man of Steel, to be released in the summer.

The lawyer for the Siegel and Schuster families intends to appeal another court decision reached in 2012 that granted all rights for Superman to Warner Brothers. However, DC Comics took legal action against Schuster’s sister and brother for seeking more money, after they agreed to receive pension payments from DC comics in exchange for relinquishing all copyrights to the superhero. Superman has earned over $500 million for Warner Bros in film revenue, and other vast sums for television, toys and comic profits over the past seventy-four years since its creation. Henry Cavill will play the hero opposite Amy Adams as Lois Lane in the most recent iteration of the classic tale. The Siegel and Schuster families have not issued a statement in the matter.

Source courtesy of BBC. Image courtesy of FanPop.