Yahoo Accuses Facebook of Infringing on 12 Patents


In yet another tech war, Yahoo! and Facebook are going head to head. Originally, Yahoo accused Facebook of violating 10 intellectual property patents. Last week, Yahoo! brought even more artillery to the six-week-old lawsuit with the addition of two more claims.

In addition to the 12 intellectual property claims set forth by Yahoo!, the firm claims that Facebook violated an agreement between the two businesses that would have open notifications of any possible infringements prior to filing a court claim.

In a court filing, the firm stated: “Eight of these patents were purchased by Facebook in the past five months, and several of these patents were purchased (independent of any separate technology acquisition or merger) after Yahoo! filed its complaint in this action. On information and belief, many, if not all, of these patents were acquired by Facebook for purposes of retaliation against Yahoo! in this case.”

In the San Francisco Federal Court where proceedings are taking place, Yahoo! has openly questioned Facebook’s integrity in the court proceedings. After Yahoo’s March 12 filing, Facebook bought 750 patents from IBM. Facebook has also agreed to pay $550 million for 650 patents from Microsoft.

Some believe that the lawsuit by Yahoo! is a move by the struggling Internet firm to get a piece of Facebook’s success in wake of the company’s own hardships. While the revenue from Facebook could significantly boost its revenues, if no truce is settled between the two businesses, the legal battle could last for years.

Photo credit: AP