Your Property Title Deed Questions Answered


1.  Whose name should be on your property?
After selecting the most appropriate Florida home, based on your tastes and preferences, you need to decide on how to take title of your property. It is very important to choose an experienced Real Estate Title company run by lawyers to properly deed your home. The right title decision is very important because it involves legal processes, taxation and estate planning issues. The real estate attorneys at Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra are equipped to help in the decision.

2. How to title when buying alone?
One can take the title in his or hers own name assuming the property is your primary residence and the owner is an American or a Green Card holder.  Also it is common for married people to hold their property to both of their names.  Legally, the property should be registered equally in the name of both, the husband and wife. This title is applicable for married couples only. Both the husband and wife have equal possession rights to the property.
You can also opt for holding the title of your property in the name of a living trust. A living trust can be created only in the name of individuals who are alive.

3. What are other ways to take title of my Florida home?
If you are American or Green Card holder and the property is for investment or a vacation home, one must create a legal entity to hold the properties to shild liability.  There are several ways to title properties in the name of legal entity but the most common are LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and a corporation. The difference between both types of legal entities depends on the needs of the owners, their nationality and legal status of the LLC or Corporation.

4. How do I buy a property in the USA as a foreigner?
One of the most important and often misled ways to title a property is when an international person (a foreigner) buys a property in the USA because it can create a series of legal implication as taxations; estate transferings issues and other complications.

5. How do I avoid any issues?
To avoid any complications when considering buying a property in the United States, one must first secure the services of a real estate attorney – someone who can help with the legal issues concerning your purchase.  Make sure you have a professional, knowledgeable realtor to work together with a lawyer – from the contract stage to a successful closing. The lawyer can custom tailor your purchase, and make sure any time sensitive issues are dealt with accordingly to avoid any complications or delays.
The lawyers at Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra will review the sales contract, check on the title and other documents relating to the property. They will also review the mortgage contract and make sure to customdraft any time sensitive adjustments and corrections. Your lawyer will also review theTitle Insurance and tax issues, and make necessary adjustments relating to the various expenses and costs involved in the purchase includingeligibility for tax refunds and statements.

To ensure a safe, sound, legal and stress-free transaction, the real estate lawyers at Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra are your guides to purchasing a real estate property in the U.S.  They look forward to representing your interests in the United States.

Posted by:  Attorney at Law, Genilde E. Guerra

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